March 15 2013 Competition Announcement
April 12 2013 Deadline for Questions
April 19 2013 Answers to Questions Published
April 22 2013 Deadline for Early
Registration/Project Submission
(11PM EST)
May 14 2013 Deadline for Regular
Registration/Project Submission
(11PM EST)
May 22 2013 Winner Announcement
June 6 - 8 2013 Exhibition of Selected Projects at Design is Human Week 2013 in the Atlanta Decorative Art Center

MA Prize welcomes design projects of all scales with forward-looking ideas that can shape the future, as well as solve problems currently facing the human race. It could be a creative public space design idea, objects we share with others, or even a communication design which makes sharing much more fun and desirable. The design idea can be built or theoretical as long as it showcases innovative, forward-thinking concepts of ‘SHARE’ across various design practices. The competition is open to all individuals, firms, groups, and students.

MA Prize 2013 is seeking individuals, teams, firms, and students to submit creative design solutions related to this year's theme of ‘SHARE’. Ideas of all scales and typologies are eligible, whether it is a space, product, system or experience, as long as it responds to a need for inclusiveness, coexistence and empowerment. Submissions can be built or conceptual, but must have a potential to be realized.