Questions and Answers will be posted on an ongoing basis. Please direct questions to:

Q: What types of content are you looking for? Can I submit material like I've done for other design competitions? And what is the format?

A: The submission panel can contain any combination of images, diagrams or text, but keep in mind the winning panels will be exhibited to the public on a 24” x 24” panel so clarity and legibility of layout is important.

Q: I already developed a project for another competition; can I still submit it for the MA Prize?

A: Yes, all previously completed work is welcome as long as you have authorship to the content and the content is related to the award theme in some way.

Q: Is there a specific site or location I'm supposed to respond to?

A: No. Whether practical or conceptual we welcome all projects and ideas that look at healthy, pleasant and sustainable domestic living from diverse and cross-disciplinary perspectives.

Q: Do I have to register in advance?

A: Yes. Once you submit your registration fee we will send you a unique registration number. You must indicate this registration number in all submissions and communication. Refer to the website for deadlines and submission requirements.

Q: Can I submit more than one entry?

A: Entrants are welcome to submit as many projects as they wish. However, an entry fee must be paid for each individual submission.

Q: I live outside the US, can I participate?

A: As long as the project is related to Green Dwelling in one way or another, anyone is welcome to participate regardless of location or nationality. Please keep in mind all submitted text must be in English.

Q: When can I submit my entry?

A: Submissions must be emailed to and can be sent anytime before the deadline, May 14 at 11pm EST. A registration number will be sent to entrants after they register and the registration number must be featured in all submission materials. Therefore we advise not to wait until the last minute to register.